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Idara al-Ta'reef al-Shakhsi


Friday, 13th April 2012

Baad Salaam il Jameel,

In recent times, it has been observed that many mumineen have changed their mobile numbers, But they have not been updated on records with ITS. Due to this, many mumineen might not be receiving messages from ITS when broadcasted. To ensure accurate numbers, mumineen can now update them with ITS through SMS

Opt IN

To Opt IN ITS Mobile SMS facility:
send keyword OPTIN <ITS ID> <Password> to +91 9223355152
for eg: OPTIN 20119999 A12B4
Opt IN

Please note that it is every individual's responsibility to keep their mobile numbers updated in the system at all times. If your number changes, kindly ensure that you update the mobile number using the below procedure.

Update Cell

To Update Mobile Number:
send keyword UPTCELL <ITS ID> <Password> to +91 9223355152
for eg: UPTCELL 20119999 A12B4

If your mobile number is terminated, it is likely to be recycled by the telecom operator and given to some non-mumin. To avoid disturbance to others we must ensure to follow optout procedure as below:


To Opt OUT ITS Mobile SMS facility:
send keyword OPTOUT to +91 9223355152
for eg: OPTOUT

Syedna TUS




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Tag your Family Tree by adding just Father, Mother and Spouse ITS ID's to each and every members of your family. Family Tree will build Automatically.
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Dawat -e- Hadiyah,
Mezzanine Floor, C.K. Bldg.,
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Fort Mumbai - 400001 India.
+ 91 - 22 - 40025152

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1. Do not disclose your ITS ID number and Password to anyone. This is critical to ensure the security of your account.
2. Make sure you regularly change your password and also check your password strength.
3. Lost your ITS ID card? click here.
4. If you have applied for lost ITS ID card, Check lost card history.


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